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Raquel Vélez

NPM Rock Bot

Raquel Vélez cares about code and culture at npm, Inc. in Oakland, CA. >>

She has previously worked at institutions such as Caltech, NASA JPL, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and various universities in Europe. >>

She is a co-author of the book "Make: JavaScript Robotics." >>

In her off time, you can find her baking, teaching NodeBots not to fall off of tables, and speaking. >>

... also, hanging out with her hilarious husband and two cats dressed in dog suits.

James Kyle

ES6 Transpiler

James is an engineer at Facebook as well as a core contributor to projects like BabelJS and Lerna. >>

Outside of work James is trying to make computer science more approachable to front-end developers.

Tim Pietrusky

Disco Nerd

By day Tim Pietrusky is the CTO of Synoa GmbH and lives near Frankfurt (Main) in Germany. >>

At night he and his cat Kazzo work on NERDDISCO to create live music visualizations with JavaScript. >>

He contributed Kittify to the "only FUN open-source projects"-community bullgit.

Jon McKay

Chief Climate Tesseler

Jon is an entrepreneur and engineer from California. He is one of the creators of the Tessel Project - a JavaScript-programmable embedded platform and resides on the Steering Committee of the project. >>

In his spare time you can find him rock climbing, working on his motorcycle, or eating a disturbing number of avocados. >>

He is currently excited about getting more programmers involved in harnessing code to fight climate change.

Kelsey Breseman

Chief Neural Tesseler

Kelsey is an engineer and Steering Committee member of the Tessel Project —an open source organization whose aim is to empower web developers to enter the connected-devices space. >>

Previously, Kelsey has been involved in developing consumer drones, research on sleep and temperature, implantable vision devices, and devices for lung cancer diagnosis. >>

She has a degree in neural engineering, and is interested in prosthetics, speculative fiction, circus arts, and really long walks.

Cheng Zhao

Negatively Charged JavaScript

Cheng is working at GitHub developing the Electron framework.

Matt McKegg

Music Button

Back for his second time at JSConf.Asia, Matt is a JavaScript hacker and backyard musician from Wellington, New Zealand. >>

He is a lover of all things open and modular and spends most of his time pressing buttons of various shapes, sizes and colours. >>

Sometimes these buttons make sounds.

Kenneth Auchenberg

Cutting Edge Debugger

Kenneth is a Program Manager, focused on DevTools and Remote Debugging at Microsoft, and is obsessed with tooling. >>

He started the RemoteDebug initiative to unify remote debugging and lives in Vancouver, Canada. >>

He’s the organizer of the ColdFront Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. >>

Kenneth blogs occasionally at kenneth.io, and tweets as @Kenneth

Lim Chee Aun

Kopi Hacker

Chee Aun is a Front-End Engineer from Malaysia, and currently based in Singapore. >>

He enjoys working on many side projects, like HackerWeb, Life and BusRouter SG. >>

He also organises KopiJS, a casual social gathering for engineers, designers and makers in Singapore.

Lian Li

Machine learned

Lian is working as Jack of all trades at the interface between development and support. >>

She completed her apprenticeship as IT specialist in early 2014, after a failed attempt at becoming a lawyer.

Yosuke Furuwaka

Node Next

Yosuke leads the Japan Node.js User Group and is an organizer of NodeFest. >>

Yosuke has an interest in ESNext, new protocols like HTTP/2, webrtc, and testing tools. >>

He built the tower-of-babel, ES2015 tutorial tool and is now getting into universal web applications using React and Redux.

Martin Schuhfuss

Light API

Martin works as a creative developer at ubilabs in Hamburg, focusing on WebGL, Data-Visualization and interactive website experiences. >>

In his spare time he plays around at the intersection of electronics and JavaScript and loves to connect random things from the physical world into the web.

We'll announce more speakers and contributers as we approach the event. Stay tuned.

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